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Woodhaven Firewood Racks - Product Review

Are you sick and tired of having your outdoor firewood rack rusting whenever the temperature drops or rains? Look no further! The Woodhaven Firewood Rack is a top of the line rack that is made right here in the U.S.A. The Woodhaven is a very sturdy, heavy duty rack. The structure is made from 16 gauge steel and all of the nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel – which means that not one aspect of the rack will rust.

The Woodhaven Firewood Rack has a powder coat finish that is available in a black, baked on powder coat finish. Not only is this one of the best finishes available, but it is also environmentally friendly as well. Another perk of the Woodhaven Firewood Rack is its easy assembly.

There are a number of different sizes available in the Woodhaven Firewood Rack and two different color covers: black and brown. The covers are made from a top quality, coated canvas that has velcro located on the front and side of the rack for quick access to your firewood. The standard cover that arrives with the rack covers the top 12 inches of the wood – which keeps the top of the wood dry and ready to burn, and allows for cross ventilation. However, there is a full cover available at an additional cost. This is often recommended for people that live in areas with extreme weather.

It is also important that you properly “cure” your firewood by using a wood rack. Drying it out will help prevent any mildew growth and decrease harmful creosote buildup in your chimney. Overtime, creosote buildup can ignite and cause a major fire.

The Woodhaven Firewood Rack is built to provide a lifetime of service, and comes with a lifetime warranty.  When you purchase a Woodhaven Firewood Rack, you are buying the last firewood rack you will ever need!

Firewood Rack Covers

After all the time, energy, and money you spend on enough firewood to get you through the cold seasons and cool evenings, you’ll want to ensure your investment is protected from the elements.  While a firewood rack does a great job of protecting your wood from soaking in water and bugs on the ground, they can still become damaged by weather if not properly protected by a firewood rack cover

Some firewood racks include a half or full cover or you can purchase a separate cover to suit your needs.  Generally constructed of specialty PVC lined fabric, polyethylene, canvas, or vinyl, these durable covers are designed to help you maintain a dry and ready to use supply of wood whenever you need it.   They are available in a wide range of sizes to fit 4 foot to 12 foot log racks or hoop shaped racks and a variety of color options including black, green, tan, and brown.  Many are equipped with a hook and loop closure or eyelets that tie closed to ensure your wood is securely covered.

It’s important to let your wood dry and cure completely before covering it with a full rack.  Air flow is an important factor in ensuring you get the best burn quality from your logs, during the dryer seasons it’s best to not use a cover or to use a half cover that will protect it from getting too wet on a rainy day while still allowing wind to blow through. 

Whatever your reason for obtaining a firewood rack cover, they are definitely an investment that is worth making.  Without covering your logs during more extreme weather conditions you risk losing all of your time and effort to soggy, bug infested, or moldy wood that just won’t burn properly. 

Product Review: 4ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack

Unlike the majority of mass produced firewood racks, the 4ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack is made to last a lifetime.  Built in the USA with the utmost attention to every quality detail; its precision drilled holes ensure structural integrity and the stainless steel nuts and bolts will not rust.  While most firewood racks are made of low quality galvanized steel, the Woodhaven is fashioned out of durable 16 gauge steel. 

The 4ft Woodhaven also includes a uniquely designed, top coated canvas, black air flow cover that keeps the top row of wood completely dry and ready to burn at a moment’s notice.  It also allows for good air flow through the stacked firewood to help reduce mold and mildew and help promote curing.  The cover is designed to fit around the top four posts of the rack and move down as the wood stack gets smaller and has Velcro front sides for quick access to your firewood.  An optional black full cover is also available in the same high quality materials to protect cured firewood from the elements.
Perfect for keeping a small supply of firewood for the occasional bon fire or cozy night by the fireplace, the 4ft Woodhaven measures approximately 48” wide by 48” high by 14” deep and can hold about ¼ cord of wood up to 24” in length.  It is available with a black, brown, or green powder coat finish.  The included lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects ensures you’ll be getting the highest possible quality.

Indoor Wood Holders for Every Home Décor

Fireplace owners are always searching for ways to make using their beloved firebox easier. You’ve already got the outdoor firewood rack, the log carrier and maybe even a log splitter – now you just need something to house the firewood inside your home. Indoor wood holders can be a great addition to any home décor and with so many designs to choose from you will find one that is just right for you.

Offset Arch Wood Holder Traditional indoor wood holders are simple, straight and sturdy. They do not have a lot of flare or intricate design – which makes them perfect for any home! They are well-made and built to last a lifetime. Fire Center Wood Holder

Some indoor wood holders feature a convenient kindling holder that even has a space for that very helpful newspaper. With this type of log holder, you can be prepared for a fire at the drop of a hat. You will not need to scrap your backyard for fallen twigs or go into the garage for another package of fatwood, just make sure the kindling holder is stocked and you have some nice seasoned firewood ready to go.

For those of you who are more creative with your living space, decorative wood holders are a coveted commodity.Moose Indoor Wood Holder Numerous finishes, frames and unique styles are available and affordable! Rustic to eloquent shapes no matter what kind of “feel” your aiming for these log holders are ideal. Twister Basket Bronze Wrought Iron There are even contemporary stainless steel models that will be a great conversation piece for your next entertaining event.

When purchasing an indoor wood holder, check out the options available that fit your taste and your budget.

Firewood Transportation - Log Carriers & Wood Carts

Need help transferring logs from the outdoor firewood rack into your home? My advice - invest in a high quality log carrier or wood cart. Whether you want to move a large amount of wood or just a few logs – there is a tool to help.1155115-600px Log carriers are usually made of a sturdy fabric such as leather, suede or canvas that will be able to support a few logs and make it easy (and cleaner) for you to bring them into the house. With the strong handles, these carriers are built to last. Some log carriers can even be a part of your wood holder to make it an even easier transfer. They will have 2 sets of handles - larger size for carrying, smaller size for attaching to the wood holder and help hold the logs in place. Log carriers are made with either open or closed ends.closed-end log carrier The closed-end carriers are fashioned more like a tote bag instead of the open-end models that are just a flat piece of strong fabric with handles on each side. Personal preference is the weighing factor when deciding between the two models. Forget getting small wood chips or dirt on your clothes, use a log carrier and save yourself the mess.

If you need to relocate your wood pile, or want to stock your home with firewood for those cold nights – a wood cart is the perfect item for the job. wood cartWood carts (also called wood haulers) are available in various designs and sizes. Most are made of strong steel or wrought iron to ensure they are able to handle the weight of heavy firewood. Wood carts of course have wheels to make movement easy and hassle-free. They work similar to a trolley but are constructed specifically to handle a large amount firewood. Some wood carts come complete with a cover so you can load it up and set it right next to your back door. This will allow you to refuel your fire over a period of time and you will not need to walk all the way out to your outdoor firewood rack every time the blaze is dwindling. Using a wood cart will give you more time to enjoy your warm fire instead of having to carry in refueling logs one-by-one.

Firewood Rack Comparison–Which Rack is Right for You?

woodhaven_rackWhether you are storing firewood for a woodstove, fireplace or outdoor fire pit – it is important to find a firewood rack that fits your need. Each home décor is different and a sturdy firewood rack can be a key accessory to any yard.
You may use a large amount of wood each year, and seasoning it properly can be a challenge without a high quality firewood rack. The Woodhaven firewood rack is made of the best quality 16 gauge steel and has a corrosion resistant powder coat finish. The Woodhaven is constructed in the United States and is complete with stainless steel hardware. They are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 feet long (holds 1/8 cord) to 16 feet long (holds 1 full cord). Firewood is purchased by the unit of measure called a “cord” – a full cord of wood is 8 feet wide by 4 feet high by 4 feet deep. If you purchase a Woodhaven firewood rack you have the option of choosing a standard or full cover. The standard cover will only protect to top few rows of the wood pile from various weather conditions. It is a sliding cover which means that it will move down as the pile depletes to ensure the top row is always dry and ready for burning. Obviously, the full cover will shield the entire rack from the elements. The full cover is designed to be used in more extreme weather conditions.
HY-C Company offers a bit more affordable firewood rack for the average homeowner. The HY-C firewood racks are made of 18 gauge tubular steel and they also feature a black powder coat finish.
hyc_firewood_rack These firewood racks are available in 3 standard sizes – 8ft, 4ft, and 2ft. Are you not sure what size to purchase or need something a little more flexible? Then take a look at HY-C’s adjustable log rack kit! It is made of the same 18 gauge tubular steel as the standard racks, but you can customize the length of the unit.
adjustable_firewood_rackAll you need to add is a pair of 2”x4” boards (at your desired length) to the side supports and presto! You have your very own custom firewood rack that can expand or contract to the size of the wood pile.

ornamental_scroll_rackAre you bored of the same old plain black firewood rack and looking for something more unique? Add some flare with the Landmann Contemporary Arch or Ornamental Scroll firewood racks. They feature a bronze powder coat finish with decorative side supports that showcase the wood pile. The Contemporary Arch firewood rack design is modern with straight, solid lines. The Ornamental Scroll is a little more creative with inter-crossing steel rods. Landmann does offer a very affordable standard black firewood rack in 8ft and 4ft sizing, as well as an adjustable model.
rustic_cedar_log_holderIf you are looking for a more traditional firewood rack - something perfect for your cabin up-north, then Rustic Cedar log holder is the right firewood rack for you. This strong firewood rack is made out of Cedar logs and features a beautiful natural finish. The Rustic Cedar log holders are featured in 3 different sizes – 4ft, 3ft, and 2ft. You can station the 4ft rack outside to stock your wood pile on, and keep the 2ft rack inside next to your hearth for easy fire maintenance. This log holder collection is a great example of craftsmanship and natural beauty. Go back to the good ol’ days and make your house a home with the Rustic Cedar log holder.

Why Buy a Firewood Storage Rack

Firewood racks are essential to help season the wood to create the best burning experience at your home. If you leave your firewood outside just casually piled up on the ground (probably in the back corner of the yard), the firewood will become damp and rot. It may even grow fungus. This creates an ideal living area for all kinds of insects to burrow their way into your woodpile. Have you ever tried to burn damp, rotted, bug-filled wood? Let me tell you - it's a smoky situation! You cannot enjoy the warmth of the fire because the smoke is overbearing.

Solution: Purchase an outdoor firewood storage rack!

  • They lift the log pile off the ground which will allow the air to circulate through the wood and the warm sun to properly dry the entire cord
  • They are affordable and easy to assemble.
  • They are available in many different sizes so that you can find the right one to fit your home.

When choosing the right firewood rack for your home, keep in mind that most firewood racks are sized by the amount of wood it will hold - this measurement is called a cord. A full cord of firewood is 128 cubic feet – or in more simple terms, a woodpile that measures 8 feet wide x 4 feet high x 4 feet deep. Firewood racks can be purchased with log capacity from an 1/8 cord (2ft rack) to one full cord (16ft rack).

Using an outdoor firewood rack is the best way to prepare your firewood for burning either indoors or outdoors. Even when using a firewood rack, it takes three to six months to properly season the wood. Seasoned firewood is achieved by the warm sun and natural airflow drying out the log from the inside core to the outside bark. For best results, we suggest splitting the logs before they are stacked on the firewood rack. Unsplit logs can still season overtime, but it is wise to let the firewood breathe before it will be used for a fire.

Some firewood racks will come complete with a standard cover (shown above). The standard covers will protect the woodpile from moisture (rain or snow). However, depending on your location - you may need more coverage. Full covers are also available for some firewood storage racks and they provide a shield on all sides from harsh weather conditions.

Buy an outdoor firewood rack, it will help make your wood-burning activities more enjoyable (and less smoky) with properly seasoned firewood!

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