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Friday, September 10, 2010 Posted by Sarah M.

Need help transferring logs from the outdoor firewood rack into your home? My advice - invest in a high quality log carrier or wood cart. Whether you want to move a large amount of wood or just a few logs – there is a tool to help.1155115-600px Log carriers are usually made of a sturdy fabric such as leather, suede or canvas that will be able to support a few logs and make it easy (and cleaner) for you to bring them into the house. With the strong handles, these carriers are built to last. Some log carriers can even be a part of your wood holder to make it an even easier transfer. They will have 2 sets of handles - larger size for carrying, smaller size for attaching to the wood holder and help hold the logs in place. Log carriers are made with either open or closed ends.closed-end log carrier The closed-end carriers are fashioned more like a tote bag instead of the open-end models that are just a flat piece of strong fabric with handles on each side. Personal preference is the weighing factor when deciding between the two models. Forget getting small wood chips or dirt on your clothes, use a log carrier and save yourself the mess.

If you need to relocate your wood pile, or want to stock your home with firewood for those cold nights – a wood cart is the perfect item for the job. wood cartWood carts (also called wood haulers) are available in various designs and sizes. Most are made of strong steel or wrought iron to ensure they are able to handle the weight of heavy firewood. Wood carts of course have wheels to make movement easy and hassle-free. They work similar to a trolley but are constructed specifically to handle a large amount firewood. Some wood carts come complete with a cover so you can load it up and set it right next to your back door. This will allow you to refuel your fire over a period of time and you will not need to walk all the way out to your outdoor firewood rack every time the blaze is dwindling. Using a wood cart will give you more time to enjoy your warm fire instead of having to carry in refueling logs one-by-one.

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