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Firewood Rack Comparison–Which Rack is Right for You?

Thursday, August 26, 2010 Posted by Sarah M.
woodhaven_rackWhether you are storing firewood for a woodstove, fireplace or outdoor fire pit – it is important to find a firewood rack that fits your need. Each home décor is different and a sturdy firewood rack can be a key accessory to any yard.
You may use a large amount of wood each year, and seasoning it properly can be a challenge without a high quality firewood rack. The Woodhaven firewood rack is made of the best quality 16 gauge steel and has a corrosion resistant powder coat finish. The Woodhaven is constructed in the United States and is complete with stainless steel hardware. They are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 feet long (holds 1/8 cord) to 16 feet long (holds 1 full cord). Firewood is purchased by the unit of measure called a “cord” – a full cord of wood is 8 feet wide by 4 feet high by 4 feet deep. If you purchase a Woodhaven firewood rack you have the option of choosing a standard or full cover. The standard cover will only protect to top few rows of the wood pile from various weather conditions. It is a sliding cover which means that it will move down as the pile depletes to ensure the top row is always dry and ready for burning. Obviously, the full cover will shield the entire rack from the elements. The full cover is designed to be used in more extreme weather conditions.
HY-C Company offers a bit more affordable firewood rack for the average homeowner. The HY-C firewood racks are made of 18 gauge tubular steel and they also feature a black powder coat finish.
hyc_firewood_rack These firewood racks are available in 3 standard sizes – 8ft, 4ft, and 2ft. Are you not sure what size to purchase or need something a little more flexible? Then take a look at HY-C’s adjustable log rack kit! It is made of the same 18 gauge tubular steel as the standard racks, but you can customize the length of the unit.
adjustable_firewood_rackAll you need to add is a pair of 2”x4” boards (at your desired length) to the side supports and presto! You have your very own custom firewood rack that can expand or contract to the size of the wood pile.

ornamental_scroll_rackAre you bored of the same old plain black firewood rack and looking for something more unique? Add some flare with the Landmann Contemporary Arch or Ornamental Scroll firewood racks. They feature a bronze powder coat finish with decorative side supports that showcase the wood pile. The Contemporary Arch firewood rack design is modern with straight, solid lines. The Ornamental Scroll is a little more creative with inter-crossing steel rods. Landmann does offer a very affordable standard black firewood rack in 8ft and 4ft sizing, as well as an adjustable model.
rustic_cedar_log_holderIf you are looking for a more traditional firewood rack - something perfect for your cabin up-north, then Rustic Cedar log holder is the right firewood rack for you. This strong firewood rack is made out of Cedar logs and features a beautiful natural finish. The Rustic Cedar log holders are featured in 3 different sizes – 4ft, 3ft, and 2ft. You can station the 4ft rack outside to stock your wood pile on, and keep the 2ft rack inside next to your hearth for easy fire maintenance. This log holder collection is a great example of craftsmanship and natural beauty. Go back to the good ol’ days and make your house a home with the Rustic Cedar log holder.

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