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Product Review: 4ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack

Friday, September 14, 2012 Posted by Andrea

Unlike the majority of mass produced firewood racks, the 4ft Woodhaven Firewood Rack is made to last a lifetime.  Built in the USA with the utmost attention to every quality detail; its precision drilled holes ensure structural integrity and the stainless steel nuts and bolts will not rust.  While most firewood racks are made of low quality galvanized steel, the Woodhaven is fashioned out of durable 16 gauge steel. 

The 4ft Woodhaven also includes a uniquely designed, top coated canvas, black air flow cover that keeps the top row of wood completely dry and ready to burn at a moment’s notice.  It also allows for good air flow through the stacked firewood to help reduce mold and mildew and help promote curing.  The cover is designed to fit around the top four posts of the rack and move down as the wood stack gets smaller and has Velcro front sides for quick access to your firewood.  An optional black full cover is also available in the same high quality materials to protect cured firewood from the elements.
Perfect for keeping a small supply of firewood for the occasional bon fire or cozy night by the fireplace, the 4ft Woodhaven measures approximately 48” wide by 48” high by 14” deep and can hold about ¼ cord of wood up to 24” in length.  It is available with a black, brown, or green powder coat finish.  The included lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects ensures you’ll be getting the highest possible quality.

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