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After all the time, energy, and money you spend on enough firewood to get you through the cold seasons and cool evenings, you’ll want to ensure your investment is protected from the elements.  While a firewood rack does a great job of protecting your wood from soaking in water and bugs on the ground, they can still become damaged by weather if not properly protected by a firewood rack cover

Some firewood racks include a half or full cover or you can purchase a separate cover to suit your needs.  Generally constructed of specialty PVC lined fabric, polyethylene, canvas, or vinyl, these durable covers are designed to help you maintain a dry and ready to use supply of wood whenever you need it.   They are available in a wide range of sizes to fit 4 foot to 12 foot log racks or hoop shaped racks and a variety of color options including black, green, tan, and brown.  Many are equipped with a hook and loop closure or eyelets that tie closed to ensure your wood is securely covered.

It’s important to let your wood dry and cure completely before covering it with a full rack.  Air flow is an important factor in ensuring you get the best burn quality from your logs, during the dryer seasons it’s best to not use a cover or to use a half cover that will protect it from getting too wet on a rainy day while still allowing wind to blow through. 

Whatever your reason for obtaining a firewood rack cover, they are definitely an investment that is worth making.  Without covering your logs during more extreme weather conditions you risk losing all of your time and effort to soggy, bug infested, or moldy wood that just won’t burn properly. 

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